The Tower of Babble: Sins, Secrets and Successes inside the CBC
"Upon arriving at the CBC, Stursberg encountered both a deeply entrenched bureaucratic culture and a staff demoralized by years of funding cutbacks and creative uncertainty...The place was in dire need of a shakeup, and on that front, Stursberg didn't disappoint." Douglas Bell, Toronto Life  


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The Dead of Winter- Optioned - Suki Films/Mystique Films
Set in Montreal immediately following the 1989 massacre of 14 women at University of Montreal, Lisa Appignanesi's fifth novel begins with the apparent suicide of a fictional stage actress named Madeleine Blais, and follows the efforts of her former lover, Pierre Rousseau, and her grandmother to prove that Madeleine was in fact murdered.
In Mania's Memory
Mania dreams of becoming Polands first Shirley Temple. She is seven when World War II begins and eleven when she witnesses her mother die in Auschwitz. A year later, she is transferred to the work camp, Reichenbach. Johanne, an SS guard, slips her food and looks out for her, giving her hope that she will survive. Johanne even voices her desire to adopt Mania when the war ends. But when at last it does, they are suddenly separated. As the years pass, Mania often thinks about Johanne and wishes that she could thank her. Then, decades later, their lives serendipitously, perhaps miraculously, reconnect. Mania hires a cleaning lady whom she is sure is Johanne, but the woman elusively denies it.
LISA BIRNIE interweaves the true stories of these two remarkable woman with her own experience of the war, as she attempts to discover the truth. Her book fearlessly traverses gray areas of war, belief and memory. Will Johanne admit to being the one who saved Mania? Is she deliberatley keeping the truth a secret? Or is Mania mistaken? As Mania often says, "Life's full of secrets,and every secret has a purpose."
Cat's Crossing
When Jones, a little black cat, escapes his wealthy owner's country home for the sweltering city by the lake, he can't imagine the trouble he'll cause.  Millionaire meat packer Francois Will tries to impress his heartbroken wife by announcing a two-million-dollar reward for the cat's return, and throws the city into chaos.  Searching for Jones are a hard-boiled but deeply troubled cop, a stripper turned police informant, a murderous television reporter, and many other desperate souls - the cast of a a dark and mischievous satire about mass hysteria, the modern city, and the maddening things we do for love.
Unkindest Cut:  The Torso Murder of Selina Shen
On May 1, 1992, Chinese businessman Rui-Wen Pan was found guilty of the murder and grisly dismemberment of his former lover, Selina Shen.  It had taken three trials and four years before a jury was able to hand down a life sentence, marking the end of one of the most expensive and controversial prosecutions in Candian legal history.  Author Doug Clark followed the story from the beginning.  In Unkindest Cut, he takes the reader from Mao's China, through small-town Ontario, to the heart of Toronto's Chinatown.  He describes the painstaking forensic examinations that cracked the silence of the limbs, gets behind the unprecedented police operation dedicated to tracking down Selina Shen's killer, and penetrates the legal labyrinth that delayed Pan's conviction.

In Search of April Raintree
"One cannot read this  moving account of two Metis sisters without feeling their terrible anguish, bewilderment and anger as they try in their different ways to live in a society that frequently rejects and abuses them, as it has rejected and abused their parents and ancestors.  The story is a tragic one, yet its final outcome is one of affirmation and bitterly won resolve."  - Margaret Laurence
Gilles Villeneuve:  The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver
With his flamboyantly aggressive, press-on-regardless style in his scarlet Ferrari, he captured the imagination of a vast international audience as no other driver has in recent times. His tremendous fighting spirit and pure passion for driving produced so much high drama and deeply felt emotion that Villeneuve became one of the greatest sporting heroes. His enduring legend owes much to its classic elements of tragedy, for he was a charming young man of humble origins who achieved undreamed of fame and fortune by giving his all to the sport that ultimately took his life.
What Disturbs Our Blood
A sensitive, withdrawn boy is born into the haunted house of his long dead grandfather.  How can he possibly know that his Irish-blooded grandfather was a brilliant doctor of international reputation whose memory has been mysteriously erased from public consciousness?  As the growing boy watches his father - also an eminent doctor - plunge into a suicidal psychosis, he begins to intuit, as the psychiatrists do not, some unspeakable secret embedded like a tumor deep in the family unconscious.  In his bones, he knows he must confront an ancient curse or be consumed by it.  To set himself free, he must break generations of silence and put words to the page.
In What Disturbs Our Blood, Toronto journalist James Fitzgerald travels back through the unruly wards of North American lunatic asylums to the insulin labs of Banting and Best to the gilded parlours of billionaire philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr.  he is amazed to discover that his granfather's visionary leadership revolutionzed systems of public health in Canada and around the world in the early decades of the 20th century, spearheading the control and eradication of many deadly infectious diseases.  So why has he been made to feel as if this saintly, larger-than-life hero never existed - as if he himself had been wiped out, like Diptheria, Polio, or Smallpox?
The Meaning of Wife
Delving into the complex, troubling and sometimes humorous contradictions, illusions, and realities of wife-hood today, Kingston takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the wedding-industrial complex, which elevates the bride to a potent consumer icon by fanning the flames of "wife lust"; through the recent romanticization of domesticity; and across the conflicted terrain of wifely sexuality.  Conversely, Kingston explores "wife backlash"; the glorification of single women in the culture, as no better evidenced than by the wild success of Sex and the City; the apotheosis of the abused wife; and how the role of wife remains to this day a method of keeping women in check; and why ultimately the definition of wife should be the battleground for our next social revolution.
Who Killed Ty Conn
In May 1999, therewas a media frenzy when Ty Conn, a convicted bank robber, broke out of Kingston Penitentiary, one of the most heavily secured correctional facilities in the country.  When the police finally caught up with him two weeks later in a Toronto apartment, Conn, in sheer desperation and facing the balance of a forty-seven-year prison sentence if re-incarcerated, shot himself fatally in the chest.  Who Killed Ty Conn follows the story of Conn's tragic life,which took him from a childhood of abuse to a life of crime, finally leading to his death at the age of thirty-two.