Client List

Executive Producers/Showrunners

Cal Coons - Murdoch Mysteries (Showrunner)

Laura Phillips - Jake and the Kid (Producer and Showrunner)

Guy Mullally - Charlie Jade (Executive Producer),The Lost World (Executive Producer and Showrunner) - 44 episodes



Cal Coons - Remedy, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries, ReGenesis, Blue Murder, Alien Encounters

Jim Goodall - What It’s Like Being Alone (The Orphanage) CBC, Gil The Goldfish

Terence Odette - Fall, Saint Monica, Heater (Features); Annedroids, How to be Indie, Connor Undercover (Series)

Nik Sexton - How To Be Deadly (Feature and Short)

Michael Storey - Dead End (Feature) Before I Say Goodbye, We Will Meet Again (MOWs), Paradise Falls, Metropia (Series)

Douglas Williams -  Hitler’s Canadians (Documentary), Mayday, Heart of Courage, Captain Abercromby

Tim Wolochatiuk - Untouchable Mayday, We Were Children, True Crime Scene, Storming Juno


Production Designers

Jim Goodall- The Stanley Dynamic, Good Dog I, Suck (feature film), What It's Like Being Alone, Mr. Ramsbottom, In Timbuktu, Heroes


Directors of Photography

Michael Storey - Reign, Beauty and The Beast, John A - The Rivals, Reviving Ophelia, Best Laid Plans (Pilot), Insecurity (Pilot), Republic of Doyle (Pilot & Season I), Mayerthorpe, Murder In The Hamptons



Cal Coons - Miramichi, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries, ReGenesis, Blue Murder (Co-creator), writer and Executive Story Editor, Poor Tom Is Cold, Let Loose The Dogs (MOW)

Beverley Cooper - Governor General Award Nomination 2009 for Drama.  Innocence Lost, A Play About Steve Truscott, The Woman in White (Plays), Sesame Park (TV), A Fine Balance, Mary Marvel, Alias Grace, The Englishman’s Boy (Radio Dramas)

Mary Crawford/Alan Templeton - King (Executive Story Editors), World of Quest (Animation), The Zack Files, F/X The Series (Exec. story editors), Gene Rodenberry's Earth: Final Conflict Season I (Season I).

K. Frewer/F. Kennedy - Perfect (MOW) Judgement at Medicine Hat , Friends of Dottie Cobb (Feature opitioned), PSI Factor, Largo Winch

Ken Hegan -  Action Figures (Optioned Feature Film), Superbodies (Olympics 2010 & 2012), CTV Opening essay Vancouver 2010 Olympic games,
Columnist National Post & MSN Travel

Greg Koster - Doctors and Lawyers (Optioned Series)

H. Jefferson Lewis - The Brain (doc), French Immersion (Co-writer), Emotional Arithmetic, What We All Long For, Claude Jutra (documentary), Ordinary Magic, Mon Amie Max,

Guy Mullally -  Charlie Jade I, The Lost World - 44 episodes

Laura Phillips - Heretics, Murdoch Mysteries (Exec. story editor), Fall on Your Knees (Features), Peak Practice, As If, Nancy Drew (TV)

Charles Picco - Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil (Co-Creator, Writer, Consulting Producer Season II)

Max & Adam Reid - Good Dog (Season I & II: Writers, Consultants), Billable Hours, 2008 Gemini Award Nomination for best comedy writers,2009 Gemini Award Nomination for best comedy writers, Mr D (Pilot), InSecurity, Wingin' It, Rent-A-Goalie,  Jimmy Two Shoes

Edward Riche - How To Be Deadly (Co-writer), Rare Birds (Features); Social Work, Made In Canada, Life With Derek, Dooley Gardens (Series)

Nik Sexton - Social Work (Series); How to be Deadly (Co-writer - Feature)

Jagjiwan Sohal - Nina's World, Sacrificial Lambert (Optioned Animated Feature)

Bernice Vanderlaan - Nina's World, ReBoot (Feature Film), The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (4 Specials), Cat in The Hat Knows A Lot About That, Turbo Dogs, Caillou, Harry And His Bucket, Life With Derek (Co-creator), Hello Mrs. Cherrywinkle, Rockabye Bubble (TV)

Daniel Weissenberger - Hard Rock Medical, Turbo Dogs, Lazarus Man (Optioned Feature)