Feature Films

The story of a young woman who travels to the "wild west" searching for love, adventure and the American Dream only to find real life differs from fiction. Based on the true story of Canadian Pearl Hart, who in 1899, was the last person and the only woman ever to rob a stagecoach. This story evokes the end of an era as the new industrial world closes in.
SPEAKING FOR CHARITY - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
Charity McCabe, a young sex worker, is dumped bleeding and brain dead at the doors of a hospital. With no relatives to speak for her, the hospital forms a proxy committee to decide whether to keep her on life support or let her go. But when it's discovered that Charity is pregnant, the ethical question becomes more complicated. Did she want to keep the baby or was she intending to abort? This is the question nurse Connie Walker and social worker Jackie Montgomery must answer before the committee can decide Charity's fate. It will take them into the dark corners of Charity's bleak life, and change theirs forever.
DETAINING MR. TROTSKY (historical drama)- Laura Phillips
Based on the stage play by Robert Fothergill. Leon Trotsky's incarceration in a Canadian POW camp in 1917 makes him late for the revolution. (director Douglas Williams).  
OPHELIA - Michael Storey
After a tragic accident claims the life of her father and erases her memory, a young woman becomes lost and is taken in to a small community, while her close friend does everything he can to find her, and bring her home.
TRUST ME - Daniel Wiessenberger
When Max proposes to Claire, she is shocked because she's only known him for half an hour. But what he is actually proposing is a mutually beneficial arrangement that will help the two of them pass for "normal", as Max has rightly determined that Claire is as psycho as he is. They are the perfect serial killer couple. However, their "normal" life is threatened when Claire's murderous tendencies get the better of her and Max is faced with choosing between avenging his finacee or sending her to prison.
BITE - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
A tongue-in-cheek horror/action story. Ex-vampires save the world from an alien invasion.
BROTHERS IN ARMS/THE LAST HARD MILE - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
Set in 1985 at the height of the Darfur famine in Sudan. The story follows a disparate group of young international aid workers who pursue a hijacked diesel tanker into war torn Chad in a rash attempt to buy back their fuel. Without the fuel , their fleet of aid trucks will run dry within three days when people will start dying in droves.
Sci-Fi, Fantasy
DEMETH - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
Demeth is the story of John Selkirk, a young lad with a mysterious past. He's charged with the murder of his scientist uncle and his best friend when they disappear through a dimensional gateway. To prove his innocence, he must escape jail with the help of a streetwise semi-psychic, find his missing friend and uncle, and bring them back to Earth. On the far side of the gateway he discovers the truth about his past and his forgotten mission - to save the people of Demeth before its sun goes nova.
MY FRIENDS ALL DRIVE PORSCHES - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
Karen Sims just wants her life back. And maybe a high-paying job so she can quit living in the '72 Mercedes where Jimmy the Security Guard lets her sleep in his suburban mall parking lot. Once devastated by the death of her soldier boyfriend in Afghanistan but now eager to make it on her own, she brazenly crashes high-society parties and shareholder meetings that she imagines will somehow lead her to a career and a better life. So single-mindedly does she pursue her goal that she can't see all the weird things going on at Mrs Chin's Tropical Fish Emporium, a vortex of mystical numerological twists of fate that seem to be controlling her life. It looks like someone's watching out for Karen, but will she ever realize true love and happiness?
THE LAST OF HIS TRIBE - (black comedy) Fred Kennedy and Kit Frewer
A newspaper hack with a weakness for whiskey and lies is sent to South America on a magazine feature, but he conspires with a motley group of locals to foment a revolution and steal the front page headlines.
THE APPRENTICE - H. Jefferson Lewis
A middle-aged hit man's cover as a travel agent is discovered by his teenage summer receptionist who blackmails him into teaching her "the trade".
GETTING THERE - Rick Mercer and Ed Riche
A politically incorrect, madcap, cross-country adventure in comedy
Robin Kessler is a young woman who has the rotten luck to witness a mob hit on the first day of the new job she's been dreaming of all her life. A comedy about hotel management, the Canadian Witness Protection Program, and the truth about the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947
MANZETTI - Max & Adam Reid
In the year of darkness, 2005, the dealers of the Mississauga suburbs devised the ultimate plan. They would sell weed to teenagers, but like, lots of it, and from a grow house. But they didn't count on one thing, something that feels no fear, something unstoppable, a cop named Manzetti. Manzetti, tough? You gotta be kidding me punk, he's tougher than a beef jerky. Hard? Sure, hard like an erection. Is he ever beaten? Maybe but he's never been broken. If you've got a pocket full of reefers you better start running now, not that it'll make a difference, Manzetti will catch you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in a week, but eventually, I'm pretty sure.
MONSTER LAWNS - Max and Adam Reid
Enter a modern day suburbia, where the lawns are neatly mowed, the swimming pools glisten in the sun, and real flesh and blood movie monsters walk the quiet streets anonymously. From this landscape comes a weird and funny tale of a friendship between a pool man named Ben and Crank, a 1950's movie robot living as an alcoholic, suicidal recluse. As Ben spends his days repairing the hole at the bottom of Crank's pool (put there by an old refrigerator), he comes to meet and travel in the world of retired movie monsters. What's more, he learns the strange and sad story of just how a refrigerator came to be at the bottom of Crank's pool. And no, it's not because the robot and the fridge were lovers (though it did involve someone named Greta the She-Vampire). Armed with this knowledge, Ben sets out to help Crank mend the broken friendships in his life and drink less booze and more motor oil.
A true dramatic adventure story of a young crippled boy, who at the turn of the twentieth century, makes a perilous four day journey by dog sled to a hospital in the city and convinces the doctors, with his grit and determination, to perform an experimental operation that will enable him to walk and therefore win the love and respect of his father.
When the Carney family sets out for their first summer holiday in years, they chance upon a winning lottery ticket that could end their cheap and cheerful lifestyle. Trouble is: they know who it belongs to: the pretentious rich guy next door. Around this moral dilemma there emerges a gang of goofy originals in the spirit of Kaufman and Hart's You Can't Take It With You, and an uplifting series of laughs and tears.

Series Proposals

HUNTER'S MOON - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
An hour long action/adventure about a Nick and Nora Charles-like couple who are drawn into the secret war between Druid sects battling to shape the future path of world civilization.
When the male "family" members are all wiped out in a mysterious accident, the women step in and take over.
Teens, Tweens & Children
KNIGHTS OF THE SEVEN REALMS - Mary Crawford and Alan Templeton
A half hour animated adventure for 8 to 12 year olds. Action, suspense, thrills and laughter. Exotic cultures, strange beasts, mystery and non-stop adventure.
WARPED - Bernice Vanderlaan
A live action comedy for 'tweens bout a kid who rolls out of bed and into the 1eth dimension. Matt Miller woke up one morning and on his way to school noticed that things seemed out of whack. Is that the neighbour's dog talking on the phone? Does the new biology teacher look remarkably like a wide mouth bass? Did his mom just tuck her shoes into bed? Either he's still dreaming or he's somehow fallen into the 13th dimension and needs to find his way out. Somebody pinch him. Please!
MINNIE MELODY - Bernice Vanderlaan
MINNIE MELODY is an animated preschool series that takes the viewers on a bouncy romp through the universe one song at a time. Minnie is our five-year-old tour guide who loves to sing about everything - from the brightest star in the sky to the wiggliest worm on the ground. Our pint-sized songstress not only makes learning fun, but hummable too!
PRESTO AND POCUS - Bernice Vanderlaan
Prepare to be amazed! And amused! PRESTO AND POCUS is an animated comedy series for five to eight year olds. Young Presto longs to be the best magician in the world (or at least Grade Three), but his tricks are far from incredible. Then one day, he magically pulls a rabbit named Pocus out of his hat! Turns out, Pocus is a direct descendant from Merlin's very own batch of bunnies, and with the twitch of his nose, can actually make someone disappear! Presto quickly welcomes Pocus into his magic act and envisions instant stardom! But be careful what you wish for, because Pocus isn't the brightest bunny of the bunch. When things go wrong, they go wrong big time! That's when Preston would like to see that rabbit really disappear!
FRED FINK: What's Your Story? - Bernice Vanderlaan
FRED FINK is a live-action mockumentary about a boy visionary who literally makes his story history. Most of the time Fred just wants to survive middle school, but when he tries to skip an exam or ask a girl to the dance, the dominos of destiny begin to fall and his actions lead to extraordinary historical events - like the discovery of the Lost City of Atlantis, or the cure for the common cold. And it's all told through the eyes of those who witnessed Fred's first move. Just wait 'til you hear what the school janitor has to say!
MINA'S WORLD - Bernice Vanderlaan
MINA'S WORLD is an anime comedy/adventure series about Eric, a typical teenaged boy who suddenly discovers he has magical powers. But with his powers comes Mina, the spirited elfin bodyguard sent to protect him from those who want him to disappear. Unfortunately Eric and Mina don't have much in common, except their love for pizza. (Although she likes hers with extra eye of newt.) How's he supposed to explain that to the guys?